Our Company

Promoveo Solutions, JV is an Atlanta-based joint venture that reflects a natural progression from the U.S. Small Business Administration-approved mentor-protégé agreement between BAE Systems and Purisolve.

Our name is derived from the Latin verb “Promoveo” meaning “to move forward; cause to progress” and reflects the vision and purpose for establishing this joint venture.

We bring to bear for the federal government the full capabilities, experience, and expertise of BAE Systems – the second largest worldwide IT systems integrator. We leverage the in-depth knowledge of Purisolve’s 15+ years of delivering people, processes, tools, and technology in support of the IRS.

Promoveo Solutions brings a fresh perspective from other financial sectors and intelligence for advanced security and analytics.

We are a HUBZone-certified joint venture established in October 2022 to deliver IT solutions and services within the federal marketspace. Let us help you meet your small business procurement goals while delivering top-tier IT services.

Founded in 2007, Purisolve is a professional services consulting firm with over 15 years’ experience supporting the Department of Treasury at the IRS as well as other federal and commercial clients. We support solutions to improve information management, enhance data analytics, and enable enterprise applications across all phases of the system development lifecycle. Our organization helps clients become strategic data-driven organizations to increase revenues, reduce costs, or improve efficiencies.

As a HUBZone-certified firm, Purisolve is committed to assisting underutilized communities through our refugee support programs.

BAE Systems, Inc. is a global defense, aerospace, and security company with more than 34,000 employees. We provide advanced electronics and intelligence for air, land, sea, and space agencies. Our firm also offers a wide array of comprehensive IT solutions and support services, and we are the second largest system integrator in the world.

Fostering a high-performing and innovative culture, BAE Systems is dedicated to pushing the limits of possibility to give our clients a critical advantage where it counts.

We commit to serving Federal Agencies by delivering comprehensive, forward-thinking IT solutions, services, and support that meet their business goals and objectives.

We demonstrate superior customer service through delivery of client-focused solutions and services through collaboration to meet the agency’s needs and expectations.

We enable government agencies to meet and maintain their contracting goals for small businesses under the HUBZone program.

We focus on supporting the federal government in its pursuit of emerging technologies and optimization of IT portfolios and practices.

We offer full lifecycle support – from strategic planning to solution design to deployment, including O&M support, and more. Our expertise spans cybersecurity, data science, analytics, information management, process improvement, and related capabilities necessary to ensure effective delivery and sustainment of the government’s IT investments.

Promoveo Solutions demonstrates our commitment to quality delivery and operational excellence through our shared certifications and formal benchmarks, including ISO and CMMI.